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Why Corporate Health Consulting?

At CHC we provide cutting edge information and tools to help businesses and their staff manage the stress of modern living.

We help individuals and teams build emotional & physical resilience with the vision to foster higher levels of engagement, creativity and performance.

What does your employees' well-being have to do with your company's performance? Plenty. Here are some facts:

Employees who are thriving in their overall wellbeing have 41% lower health-related costs compared with those who are struggling and 62% lower costs compared with those who are suffering.

People who have thriving wellbeing have a 35% lower turnover rate than those who are struggling. Source: GALLUP


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Our Services

All our workshops include a balance of measurement, learning, practical applications and follow up support.

We offer clear strategies that meet our clients objectives with;

  • Clear consultation and the flexibility of our programs 
  • Pre -Program Assessments
  • Engaging Workshops of various time frames & delivery methods
  • Practical Tools & Applications for change
  • Follow up with post -workshop testing / one to one consulting so you can assess your ROI.
  • Ongoing support for change with our interactive online '90 Day Health & Lifestyle Program.


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Our Style

We love to engage with our clients in a way that is authentic, practical and fun.

There are many ‘self proclaimed well-being experts’ out there that do not have the clinical experience or university based education that our facilitators provide.

All our facilitators are ‘people’ persons, have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and want to deliver it in a way that creates momentum and change in your organisation. 

We also tailor our programs to the audience we are delivering to so we can best meet our clients objectives.

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